Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Featured Friend: Lila Who Bear

I want you all to meet one of my Featured Friends: Lila Who Bear. ( Isn't she cute?) Her humans came to visit my house one day and bought a painting of mine (Aren't they great?). Lila tells me a little about herself:

Some things I like are basking in the sun (even if its a tiny spot it feels so good)and running around after my big brother Dexter (he is a lab mix...he's pretty big, but I am still the boss in this house). I also like to go for walks with my mommy and I never miss a chance to dance around for some yummy treats. I love any small stuffed toys, especially the one with squeakers in them.
I hope one day to have her over so we can paint together!

I am with my human in Missouri, keeping him company while he works on his art.

Lots of licks,

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