Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Featured Friend: Stinky!

This is Stinky, she is my oldest friend. She is 18 1/2 years old, and though she may move a bit slower than her early days, her secret is to always think like a kitten!

Stinky is the owner of Stinky's Diner, which is managed and operated by her human friend Nancy. Stinky has lots of regular visitors to her diner, they are usually raccoons, skunks, possoms, ducks, and cats too!

Stinky loves to sit by the office window and watch the diners come enjoy their free meals. Isn't it great that Stinky helps those poor, unfortunate animals who haven't found homes yet!

Thanks Stinky!

Lots of licks,

Monday, July 21, 2008

What? It's Warm Outside?

My human was surprised the other day that I was sleeping in the blankets in bed. I am not sure why. It was so warm and cozy in there. He said something about not having air conditioning and that it was not cold. But I am a Chihuahua! I love it warm, and 89 degrees and humid is just not quite warm enough! Don't you agree?

Lots of Licks,

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Featured Friends: Chaya and Jackson

I am happy to introduce Chaya and Jackson from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They are the proud owners of my painting, "Fall Forest Walk" (see below). I hope they are enjoying it. Is is one of my largest paintings. That painting took a lot of paw prints to make! It was exhausting!

Jackson is a 4 year old Boston Terrier. He is so cute! Like me, he has very refined taste! He loves pillows: silk, down, felt any kind...though silk is his favorite. I have never felt a silk my human letting me down? What am I missing!?

Chaya is a 10 year old lab mix. I am told she loves Peanut butter. Hey! I LOVE peanut butter too! She also is a big fan of hard crusty European-style bread. Hmmm. I am going to have to ask my human why I haven't tried that yet!

They have had a challenging time living in Cedar Rapids, IA this year. Their humans have some challenges getting to work, but I am happy to hear that their home is safe! I hope things get back to normal for you all soon.

Lots of licks,

(Fall Forest Walk, 22 x 28", SOLD)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm the original Chihuahua arteest, but not the only arteest...

People on occasion have mentioned that they have heard of other doggie artists. When I began painting, my human didn't know of any others. But since I have been making art and having shows, we have both learned about other canine painters. Probably the most well-known is Tillamook Cheddar who lives and paints in Brooklyn, NY. My human as also told me about some doggies who paint somewhere in Wisconsin in an animal shelter. A visitor to my studio also said that there was another Chihuahua that painted. I haven't seen the work of the other Chihuahua, however.

Some people feel defensive when they hear of another doggie artist. Some wonder if I am copying another doggie. But, I don't feel like I am copying or or need to be protective of my artistic talent. Each of us doggie artists have different techniques. And that makes our work so exciting and interesting. There are many many human artists out there and most of them don't feel like they should be the only one. There are even other animals that make art besides doggies.

Each artist is unique and brings to their art something of their own personality. Tillamook Cheddar creates her paintings by scratching and biting boards covered with carbon paper. Her paintings are dynamic, expressive pieces that reflect her energetic nature. Another dog creates his paintings by using a brush stuck into a tennis ball. Bold, colorful strokes demonstrate a strong intentional technique. I use my paws, nails and tongue to create my work. I like to think my pieces are a reflection of the beauty I see in the world. Some think my paintings look like flowers...and aren't flowers one of nature's most beautiful gifts?

I appreciate all of you who have supported my art since I began painting in February of 2007. I will continue to paint and do my best to bring more beautiful pieces in the world to share. I hope you will look forward to what I create in my new studio in New York!

Lots of Licks,

PS: My human helped me write this post, because there were a lot of big words I didn't know how spell!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Where's My Chair?!

One day some humans came and took my chair!
I was so confused. I thought if I sat where the chair used to be, that it would come back. But it hasn't come back!

Since the chair went away, my home is a mess. My human is putting all my stuff in boxes. I know that this is part of moving. I have moved twice before. I never like moving. It makes my tummy feel bad.

I hope my chair is waiting for me at my new home.

Isn't this rug pretty? It came from The Rug Gallery.
At least I have the rug to take naps on for now.

I hope you all have a very nice 4th of July!

Lots of Licks,