Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gregory Douglass

Yesterday my musical pal Gregory Douglass took a break from his busy touring schedule to say hi! Gregory is a fantastic independent musician from Burlington, VT who has been working very hard making a living writing, playing and recording his music. He is an inspiration to a little pup like me who is just starting out. He gave me some great ideas on how to get my artwork out to more people, and just got my little doggie paws itching to create more art!

Please check out Gregory's music. You won't be disappointed! I think I will use his music for my next painting video!

Love and lots of licks!

Happy Autumn!


I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful autumn! With the warm days and cool nights, I am really enjoying working in the studio much more now! Summer was brutal in the studio, even for a chihuahua who loves the warm weather! I am now back to work and happy to create more beautiful paintings for you!

Thank you to everyone for making my Birthday a fun and exciting evening.I really appreciate all the people who came to wish me a happy birthday and for the kind gifts. (I loved the snacks!)

Congratulations to Suzanne of Cincinnati (who recently moved from Florida). She is the winner of the painting giveaway (you can see the winning painting above).

Please check out my gallery to see all the new work that I have done recently. I hope you find the fall color themes inspiring and worthy of decorating your walls!

My greeting cards are selling quite well. I will soon be posting a page giving more details about the greeting cards. Until then, please note that you can special order greeting and note cards. The greeting card size is approximately 5 x7 and the note cards are approximately 3 x 5. Any of the 5x7 & 8 x10 images from the gallery can be made into a greeting card. If there is a painting you like there and would like to have them made into a greeting card, just contact my human pal, Antony, at lian@lianxinart.com.

And don’t forget, I love to do commission work too!

We hope to see you in the studio soon!
Best wishes and lots of licks!